September 11th, 2010 by sabrina

Aitna (pronounced AYT-nuh) is the Greek Goddess of Mount Etna in Sicily. She is the daughter of Gaia, Goddess of the earth, and Ouranos, God of the sky. Aitna arbitrated between Demeter, Goddess of the earth’s bounty, and Hephaistos, God of fire and smithcraft, in their dispute over who would rule over Sicily—Demeter wanted the island for its fertile lands, and Hephaistos wanted it for its volcanic activity. She eventually decided to give the island to the Greek people and they colonized Sicily, erecting many temples to both Demeter and Hephaistos. Aitna also became the mother of the nymph Thaleia by Hephaistos; Thaleia would later have an affair with Zeus and give birth to the Palikoi, twin Gods of geysers and oaths. Aitna’s name is also seen as Aetna.

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