December 7th, 2007 by sabrina

Wadjet is an Egyptian serpent Goddess, whose name means “the green one”. She was a protector of the king and of Lower Egypt, and is associated with the Goddess Nekhbet, who performed a similar function in Upper Egypt. Like Nekhbet she could be portrayed as a serpent, a vulture, or a combination of the two. Most often, Wadjet was depicted as a serpent and Nekhbet as a vulture. In her role as protector, she could spit flames in defense of the king. Variations on her name include Uadjit, Wadjit, Buto (the city in which her cult was centered), Edjo, Udjo, and Uto. She was also known by the epithets “great of magic“, “mistress of awe“, and “mistress of fear“.

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