September 25th, 2007 by sabrina

For my first entry, I thought I’d start with a Goddess of writing, and ask her to bless this endeavour.

Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of writing, measurement, libraries, and archives.  She kept the records of the ruling king, tracking the length of their reigns and transcribing their speeches.  She was also the “mistress of builders”, and assisted with measuring the boundaries of temples and other sacred structures.  She is described as either the daughter or wife of Thoth, a moon God who was later credited with inventing writing.  She is depicted in human form with a headdress featuring a seven-pointed star and a set of downward facing horns, which may have originally been a crescent moon.  She holds a palm leaf rib on which she records the passing of the years. Another of her names was Safekh-Aubi, which means “She Who Wears the Two Horns” and relates to the horns on her headdress.

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