April 1st, 2008 by sabrina

Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of the dead. She is the youngest daughter of Geb and Nut, sister to Isis and Osiris, and sister and consort to the God Set. In myth, she is always supportive of Isis; she helped her sister to find and reassemble the body of Osiris, and does not take the side of her husband Set. Nephthys is depicted in human form, usually with Isis. It is said that Nephthys stood at the head of the deceased, with Isis at the feet. This arrangement carried from death to birth as well—Nephthys stood by a laboring woman’s head to comfort and assist her, while Isis stood at the woman’s feet as midwife.Other names for her include Nebet-het (“mistress of the house”), Nebt-het, Neb-hut, and Nebthet.

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