January 5th, 2009 by sabrina

Anuket is the Egyptian Goddess of the Nile, in particular the stretch of river in the southern part of Egypt. She is the daughter of Satis, Goddess of the Nile’s floods, and Khnum, God of the source of the Nile. Anuket was also associated with things that moved quickly, such as arrows and gazelles, and she was sometimes depicted either as a gazelle or with the head of a gazelle. Other depictions show her as a woman wearing a crown topped with ostrich feathers. Anuket’s name, which means “embracer,” is also seen as Anket, Anqet, and Anukis, and her titles included Giver of Life, Lady of Life, Nourisher of the Fields, Mother of the King, and She who Shoots Forth.

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