March 30th, 2010 by sabrina

zivaZiva (pronounced ZHEE-va) is the Slavic Goddess of longevity. She was said to have a temple on Mount Zywiec, and people would go to the temple to pray for good health and long life. Some traditions have it that she turned herself into a cuckoo bird. Ziva’s name, which means “life,” is also seen as Zywie, Zhywie, Zhywa, Zywa, Zhiva, Zivena, Siva, Siwa, Sivve, Shiwa, Sieba, Syeba, Siba, and Dsiva.

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  1. sidonka said:

    According to an old book – “Ziva” in Slovak culture was the goddess of the harvest. A custom long ago was: “When the last sheaf of grain was cut, (in order to capture the spirit of the grain) it was placed on a pole and set in the ground. The maidens of the village would then dance around the sheaf and sing praises to “Ziva” goddess of the harvest.”