April 14th, 2009 by sabrina

vakarineVakarinė (pronounced va-ka-REE-nay) is the Lithuanian Goddess of the evening star. She is the daughter of Saule, Goddess of the sun, and Meness, God of the moon, and the sister of Aušrinė, Goddess of the morning star. While the evening star and the morning star are both actually the planet Venus, the Balts separated them into two personalities, one who made the sun ready to go out in the morning, and one who welcomed her home in the evening. Vakarinė made sure that Saule’s bed was ready for her each night, so that she could rest well before her next day’s journey. Vakarinė is known in Latvia as Rieteklis.

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  1. Tom said:

    Doing well but only at 4627. Dont slow down.
    P.S. I could not get Flight of the Valkyries to work and Feb. 13th, which is Richard Wagners death (1883), I think we should.