September 28th, 2007 by sabrina

Today’s entry is in honor of my mother-in-law.  I don’t think I had ever even heard of Latvia before I met my husband, and the richness of Baltic history is one of the greatest ways in which she has blessed my life. 

Saule (pronounced SEW-lay) is the Baltic sun Goddess, ruling all parts of life and light. She is married to Meness, the moon God, and together they created the earth and the stars. When Saule found out that Meness had raped one of their daughters, she slashed his face with a sword, leaving the marks we see on the moon today. She then banished him from her presence, and they are no longer seen together in the sky. Saule continues to drive her sun chariot across the sky every day, drawn by two white horses, and travels in a golden boat by night, trailing a red scarf and collecting the souls of those who have died during the day.

Saule is also a Goddess of spinning who used an amber spindle to create life’s thread. Other names for her include Balta Saulite (darling little white sun), Saules Mat (mother sun), Saulite Mat (little sun mother), and Saulite Sudrabota (little silver sun).

Saule, my amber weeping Goddess
Creating light like thread.
As “Saules Mat” my mother sun,
Daily blessing your thankful world with light.

–Traditional folksong

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2 responses about “Saule”

  1. Sue said:

    This is fascinating! I am looking forward to meeting and celebrating these Goddesses as you take this journey. What an interesting and creative mind you have Sabrina, accompanied by a rare talent for research and organization. I would love to hire you for some brainstorming sessions and research.
    Blessed Be!

  2. AnnaPerenna said:

    Wow, this is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Thank you for finding the original version of the moon story! In those versions I know, Perkuns is suddenly the patriarchic father (!) of Saule and he smashes Meness’ face with the thunderbolt for the rape.
    I am so happy to find out how motherly and powerful the Sun goddess really was. Thank you again for empowering female myths 🙂
    And she also spins, which means she rules over deaths and lives!
    I am also intrigued that Saule is the one who weeps into the Baltic Sea (white sea). I heard other Lithuanian and Pomeranian myths about the amber from the Baltic Sea, which tell of the sea goddess, queen Jurata (Yurata) who lives in a palace of amber. Unfortunately that tale is contaminated with sudden appearance of jealous Perkuns, who smashes Yurata’s palace to pieces with his thunderbolt. Today the pieces of Yurata’s palace still come to the beach.
    Again, the Vikings tended to believe that Baltic amber was tears of Freya, their great mothergoddess and queen of life, but I don’t remember why she was supposed to weep.

    Bless you for these stories, Sabrina 🙂