Bisu Mate

November 9th, 2008 by sabrina

Bisu Mate is the Latvian Goddess of bees. Beekeeping and honey-making have a long history in Latvia, dating back well over a thousand years. Also seen as Bisu Mamulina, her name means “bee mother”—she is one of the many Latvian mother Goddesses or Mates.

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1 response about “Bisu Mate”

  1. Anita Joy said:

    Glorious site you are creating. I have looked at your list and would like to remind you of these Goddesses:
    Al-Uzza – the Middle Eastern Desert Goddess that was worshipped by Mohammad before the Archangel Gabriel came to him giving him the teachings of Islam.
    Acca Larentia – a Roman Goddess
    Budhi Pallien – a Forest Goddess
    Fuji – a Japanese Goddess.
    Visit this site to glean more names. Keep up the excellent work!!
    Blessed Bee