Nana Buluku

May 3rd, 2008 by sabrina

Nana Buluku is the Fon Goddess of creation, grandmother to all the Gods. She is the mother of Mawu and Lisa, the twins who created the human race. Nana Buluku is represented as being both female and male, Goddess and God in one body. When she first created the earth, she also created Aido Hwedo, the rainbow serpent, as her companion. Aido Hwedo carried Nana Buluku in his mouth as she worked to shape the earth, and his movements created valleys and rivers. When the earth was finished, Nana Buluku asked Aido Hwedo to hold it up, and he settled into the oceans with his tail in his mouth to support it.

Nana Buluku is known by different names to the various West African tribes. She is Nana Bouclou to the Dahomey of Benin, Nana Buruku to the Yorubas, and is also known as Nana and Nanan.

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