Mademoiselle Charlotte

March 19th, 2009 by sabrina

I’m back! Life has been a little crazy in Casa Sabrina lately, and regular posting¬†is one of the first things that I let slip. Life is no less crazy now (and is going to get worse over the next few months—DH has a new job in a different city so we’ll be moving if we can manage to sell our house!) but I’m going to make the time to get back to my Goddesses. Kelli at Dancing Goddess Dolls invited me to put up a widget with my latest post on her new Dancing Goddess forum. Of course, that means that I have to post! (And if you don’t know about Dancing Goddess Dolls, follow one of those links—the first one is to the main site, where you can see Kelli’s dolls, embroidery, and beautiful art cards; the second one is the new forum, where we can get together and talk about Goddesses!)


Mademoiselle Charlotte is the Vodoun Goddess of white women. Her appearance is that of a Caucasian woman of western European descent and she speaks French. Mademoiselle Charlotte is a late Vodoun Goddess, appearing in the pantheon only after African people were brought as slaves to Haiti and other Caribbean islands. She represents the white women settlers, and she is very particular in her likes and dislikes. Mademoiselle Charlotte is fond of sweet beverages, especially if they are pink, and she appears only rarely in Vodoun rituals, as her whims dictate.

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  1. Kybelian said:


    Mademoiselle Charlotte maybe a recent variation of a much older WHITE-WOMAN deity worshipped in Africa long before any ‘Christian’ European contact. After contact then the French would fit into an already familiar theme. There are Indigenous American groups who also have a WHITE WOMAN Deity who’s religious origins predate the arrival of Columbus and European settlements. It could be that these grew out of the albino strain of these people but WHITE WOMAN by any other name is a much older Deity then Mademoiselle Charlotte.