Lydia’s Reveal Challenge Part 2

Self-portrait revealed, full-length


Self-portrait revealed, close up

Materials: handmade cloth doll with wire armature, knit fabric wrap dress, beaded bra and panties, painted boots

Update—September 24.
The voters have spoken and my “self-portrait” won! Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

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8 responses about “Lydia’s Reveal Challenge Part 2”

  1. lydia said:

    Ok…..Great!…I’ll say it again…she looks fabulous, did you hand-bead the undies yourself?
    Does she have a name? Great sense of humour and fun! Thank you so much for participating.

  2. sabrina said:

    Yes, the bra and panties are hand-beaded. The only thing that I didn’t make myself is the beaded decoration on the outside of her dress, which my mother-in-law made. It was an extra leaf from a gorgeous Russian leaf necklace that she made for her sister.
    Her name? So far I’ve been calling her “Self-Portrait”. 😉

  3. Sue said:

    lol, she is utterly fabulous and does resemble you most defintely.
    With underwear like that you could rule the world.
    You rock!
    Thanks for sharing
    xox Sue

  4. sabrina said:

    With underwear like that you could rule the world.

    I thought I already did!

  5. gerdie said:

    nice doll. I like her black dress, blcak boots and blonde hair.

  6. sabrina said:

    Hi Gerdie! It’s actually dark brown, but it’s hard to tell from my pics!

  7. Kim said:

    I forget what I originally wrote but I know I asked if you could make me look as good as she does?



  8. Francine said:

    I love her – she’s beautiful – and IS the spitting image of you!

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